Area Purification

I am a Specialized Energy Healing Therapist and a spirit and entity releaser.  I remove all negative energy and all spirits and entities attached to your home and your objects.  There is no better feeling than walking into a cleansed and purified home.  No more fears, no more entities or spirits, no more creepy noises! no more constant bad luck and misfortune!  Feel the presence of peace in your own home.
I have been purifying and cleansing homes from a young age.  I would always be able to sense and feel when negative, dark energy  would be around, and also when entities and sadness would be attached to homes, to people even to objects. 
It is very important that people cleanse their homes, cars, and themselves regularly.  Minimum 4 times a year... Negative energy is quite contagious, just like a virus we catch another persons negativity and we bring it back into our home and then we spread it to our family members without even realizing it..
Symptoms of negative energy or entities in your surrounding:
   - constant fights and arguments
   - bad luck all the time
   - financial loss
  - loss of friends, people stop visiting you at home
  - nothing seems to be working out
  - creepy unexplained noises
  - feeling always tired and drained with little to no energy but don't know why?
 - and much more.....
Areas for Purification:
  - Home, vehicle, office, land, etc....
  - Personal belongings:  Jewellery, furniture, clothing, gifts received by others, etc.....
There is a solution to your problem, there is actually a solution to every problem all we have to do is stay focused and look for one and then it will gladly appear.  In this case I am and will be your solution.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.  I will liberate your home, your family, your objects from all forms of negativity.
NOTE PRICES VARY UPON SPACE SIZE AND MY TRANSPORTATION FEES.  PRICES START AT:  250$  depending on size, area and if there is any land.

Shamanic Cleansing

It is no fun living a life with constant bad luck.  Always fighting and arguing with yourself and with others.  Not being able to find real peace.  Asking yourself why am I always feeling stuck and unable to find love? or happiness? or friends?  Why do I constantly have people not liking me for no reason? Every time you feel you get close to someone they just end up going away and leaving your or simply stop being your friend.. Yes, I agree with you it can get very lonely at times.  Well no more loneliness, no more bad luck, NO MORE NEGATIVITY! REMOVE YOUR NEGATIVE ENERGY NOW!!
 - feeling tired for no reason
 - anger, rage, frustration, fearfulness
 - depression, anxiety, insomnia, bad dreams and nightmares
 - a sudden change of character, feeling drained
 - evil eye, feeling everything in your life is always negative
 - bad luck, etc.......
▪ Contact me immediately for a wonderful and very therapeutic Shamanic Cleansing and Purification, I will remove the negative entities and spirits attached to you,  remove negative energy on and around you, cleanse and purify your body, your energetic field, your aura and rejuvenate your chakras,  and re-energize your system, as well with add a soothing energy healing session as a complementary to your cleansing.
PLEASE NOTE: I am an entity remover, NOT a DOCTOR. If you have any health concerns you should consult your MEDICAL PRACTITIONER
PRICE:  500$ (Price may vary due to situation)