Curse Removal

Are you a victim of a curse? Evil eye? A HEX? or a JINX? 
Is there someone out there who wishes you ill?  Why? It's unusual to be cursed by someone you don't know, chances are if you are cursed, it is because someone YOU KNOW has a problem with you and wishes you harm out of envy and vengeance.  Keep in mind there is KARMA for all evil wishes and tactics performed by your enemies (What comes around goes around, its a KARMIC LAW).
In the meantime, you MUST TAKE ACTION in REMOVING the hexes placed and wished upon you!! 
            SYMPTOMS OF A HEX:
● Bad luck! Everything you do and touch does not work out, constant road blocks and misfortunes and obstacles.
● Extreme fatigue, tiredness, loss of energy physically and and emotionally for no reason.
● Nightmares, trouble sleeping, recurring bad dreams, anxiousness, panic attacks.....
● Relationship difficulties: Family and friends seem to distance themselves for no reason.
● Anger, rage, frustration, fearfulness.
● Financial loss and difficulties: losing jobs, can't seem to find a stable job or income.
●AND MUCH MORE.........
¤PLEASE NOTE: I am a Naturotherapist and a Specialized Energy Therapist NOT A DOCTOR. If you have any health issues or concerns you should consult your MEDICAL PRACTITIONER.
- Price for hex removal will be determined after consultation, depending on what type of work requires to be done.

Spiritual Cleansing

- Feeling tired and drained physically, emotionally and mentally for  no reason.
- Fearfulness, afraid but don't know why.
- Anger, rage, frustration, anxious, forgetful, antsy.
- Difficulty sleeping, insomnia, bad dreams or nightmares.
- Bad luck, constant misfortune. 
- Evil eye, everything is always negative around you, constant obstacles.........
  REMOVE your Negative, unwanted vibrations, your psychic build-ups and dirt from your aura.  This wonderful Therapeutic and Cleansing Treatment is for EVERYONE and for people who are EMPATHS and Pick-up unwanted emotions and residue from their surroundings.
PLEASE NOTE:  I am a Specialized Energy Healing Therapist NOT a Doctor.  If you have any health issues or concerns you should consult your MEDICAL PRACTITIONER.
PRICE: $200

Communicating With The Deceased

  COMMUNICATING with your guides, the angels, and your DECEASED LOVED ONES......
● DISTANT READINGS also offered! ●
- Your deceased loved ones would like to communicate with you to help ease your pain.
- You can communicate with your friends, your deceased loved ones in order to receive their loving messages and their comfort.
- You can ask them questions.
- You can find inner peace once and for all.
• With my Clairvoyance I Channel and Communicate with guides, angels, and deceased loved ones and receive their messages. I also write down messages that I receive and include them in my Deceased Readings for all my clients.
1 Hour = 90.00$

Tarot Card Readings

Would you like to know more about your present life and situation? What your future has in store for you? Are you tired of feeling lonely? Do you constantly lose your friendships and don't understand why? are you feeling stuck in life? confused and don't know which direction you are heading?  For an accurate Tarot Card Reading, contact me to schedule your appointment. I also receive channeled messages by the angels and guides and write them down.  I include my  written messages in one of my Tarot Card Readings. Many times before clients have arrived I have already written down and prepared messages for the clients.  It would be my pleasure to assist you with a wonderful, and fun Tarot Reading.

Price: 1 Hour Tarot = $60

1 Hour Tarot reading + Angel Cards + Channeled Messages = $90


Psychic Parties & Events

¤ I am a Psychic Reader, Medium, I also  Specialize in Energy Healing Therapy. I provide Psychic, Tarot, Angel Card, Inner Child Tarot and Deceased Communication Mediumship Readings. I perform readings and events for the following:
• Groups, Charity events
• Corporate functions: (office parties, retirement parties, openings, retreats and galas)
• Family fuctions: (birthday parties, sweet 16 parties, anniversary and engagement parties, bridal and baby showers, stagettes/bachelorettes)
• Dinner parties: (house parties, cocktail parties, potluck and luncheons).
♡ I ALSO offer Mini-Energy Healing Treatments for any events. I am a Specialized and Certified Energy Therapist  and offer many different modalities of Energy Healing such as: Healing Touch, Reiki, Angel Healing, Therapeutic Touch and MUCH MORE......... This soothing and revitalizing ENERGY HEALING TREATMENT  will leave people feeling absolutely refreshed and revitalized!!!
♡ I will travel further so long as the right provisions are made: Ex. gaz expense, lodging etc...
♡ 8 -10 Readings per hour can be done.
♡ Minimum 2 hour bookings.
♡ Hourly rates include time, crowd size and travelling.
♡ A Deposit is required in advance.
● Languages spoken: Bilingual: ENGLISH and FRENCH.

Angel Card Reding


You have a question? Would you like to know which direct is your love life is heading?  Do you have questions about your finances or your friendships? The ANGELS and I have the answer!  During my Angel Card reading I provide guidance, support and an even channeled messages in which I receive from the angels and personally write them down.

PRICE: 1 Hour = $85

Inner Child Tarot Card Reading

Do you have questions about Work? Love life? friendships or relationships? money/finances? Do you wonder why your patterns keep repeating? You keep saying to yourself why me? What do I have to do to be happy?
Its time to let your inner child out!  Set the child inside of you free... Its time to be happy 100%,  do not settle for anything less.
PRICE: 1 Hour = $85