Reiki Healing

• Reiki Healing increases your supply of life force energy and helps you heal quickly. It promotes relaxation, makes you feel at peace, and reduces your stress. You start moving toward your unique physical, mental, and spiritual balance, and your body's own healing mechanisms begin to function more effectively.
• Helps in stress reduction and promotes relaxation.
• Reduces depression and anxiety by changing your mood.
• Increases mobility in case of shoulder pain, wrist pain, lower back pain.
• Heals infections and inflammations.
• Treats symptoms associated with cancers such as: depression, pain, fatigue.
• Enables emotional clarity and spiritual growth.
1 Hour = 85$

Baraka Divine Energy Healing

            "RE-activate your Broken Heart"
The BARAKA ENERGY Treatment that WILL Help RE-activate, Soothe and Open up your wounded HEART.
***DISTANT Treatments ALSO Available****
 -> HEART Activation Treatment
 -> Re-energize your Immune System.
 -> Cut ALL Negative Cords attached to you from past lives AND your present life that are draining you and no longer serve you.
-> Removes Negative Energy, Evil Eye.
-> Removes Entities.
-> Purification of Chakras, Cleanses your Aura.
-> Cleansing Energy System, and much more....
Allow yourself to open your HEART,  to be LOVED, to LOVE again, and to have your Soulmate walk into your arms!
Liberate yourself from Inner pain, anger, sadness, fear and grief.
As a Level 3 BARAKA Divine Energy Healing Practitioner my Treatments will help RELEASE the Blockages from your wounded HEART and Emotions.  It will HELP HEAL your mind, heart, body, spirit and soul.
1 Hour: 100$

Healing Touch

 • Balances the chakras and cleanses the aura.
 • Releases blocked, stagnant energy, suppressed feelings and core cellular memories.
 • Promotes an optimal level of life force energy which enables more peace, clarity, joy, creativity, health and energy in ones life.
 • Strengthens the immune system.
 • Reduces stress and anxiety.
 • Supports self-healing at all the levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.
 • Improves overall well-being and vitality.
1 Hour: 90$

Reiki For Pregnant Women

REIKI could be the best thing for your pregnancy!!
    REIKI may help symptoms such as:
- Deep relaxation, reduced stress, an EASIER LABOR!
- tiredness
- low back pain, morning sickness, mood changes
- high blood pressure
- emotional disruption experienced both during and after pregnancy!!
- It reduces anxiety, sleep problems, colic.
- REIKI may EVEN make delivery EASIER!!
1 Hour = $85


  (Tianshi is the translation for "ANGEL" in Mandarin)
TIANSHI is a combination of different energy therapies such as: reiki, tzifa, polarity, and much more.  During a harmonizing energetic TIANSHI treatment we also receive messages from the guides,  deceased loved ones, the angels and transmit them to the client.  TIANSHI helps unblock the cells from accumulated  past memories and become one with the divine.  TIANSHI will help guide the individual towards a greater inner peace.
*******THREE (3) Angel Cards Reading Included*****
1 Hour: 100$

Chakra Cleansing

  •  Feeling low in Energy?
  •  Tired  for no reason all the time?
  •  Out of sorts? Not grounded or balanced?
  •  In need for a GOOD TUNE UP??

 Like a car, we humans need a TUNEUP regularly as well!!  To schedule your appointment for a wonderful, revitalizing, uplifting, Chakra Cleansing Treatment, that will INDEED help ones energy level be UPLIFTED, RECHARGED and READY TO GO.

PRICE: 1 Hour = 130$

Reiki For Children

 Babies and toddlers love having REIKI and soak it up like a sponge.  It can help babies with colic, reflux, teethings and help them to sleep better.
 - Enhances relaxation and sleep
 - Calming and promotes balance
 - Reduces Colic
 - Enhances self esteem
 - Improves Concentration improving TEST scores
 - Less likely to show signs of excitability and depression
 - Helps with asthma
 - Decreases anxiety.
- and MORE..
PRICE: 30 Minutes = $50

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is a type of alternative energy medicine. This wonderful therapeutic technique helps people relax, releives their pain, and helps heal faster. 
▪ Therapeutic Touch benefits: Helps decrease anxiety, asthma, headaches, migraines, increases wellness in cancer patients, speeds up the healing process of wounds. 
Aids in treatment of MORE following health problems such as:
▪chronic pain
▪ carpal tunnel syndrome
▪ multiple sclerosis
▪ thyroid problems 
▪ stroke
▪ dementia
▪stress, nervousness 
  And MUCH MORE....
1 Hour = 90$